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MW Evo is an expert on using social media for business

Why With Us?

MW Evo is an expert on Digital Media and the possibilities it creates. We work with your team to understand your business and help you understand the Digital Media. And identify the opportunities for your business to adapt and grow.

Why with us?

about us

Our foremost goal is to keep your business ahead of the competition and help you adapt in the world of Digital Media.

Our Skills

Digital Media Strategy
Digital Marketing
Business Models
Management Support
Public Services


We are a Small Digital Media Consultancy. We provide Boutique Custom Digital Marketing and Digital Media Management Solutions

Digital Media Business Strategy

As an independent expert, we work with your Business Management, your in-house Marketing team and your Digital Marketing Agency to help you device a Digital Media Business Strategy that is focused at achieving your overall business goals.

Web Development

Your business website is either just a name card and product catalog or it is an active business store front. Whatever your business model is your website is your funnel for leads or sales. And we can help you with the design, measuring results and optimization of your website.

Technology Advisory

We get it that Technology is a means for your business not the end. Digital Media technology is continuously evolving and the changes are very rapid. We can help you keep up with these changes. And still not get bogged down by the technology itself.

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We are locally available in Vancouver Lower Mainland


1020 Denman St, POBOX 47018
Vancouver BC V6G3E1

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